Why Does a Self-Priming Pump Lose Prime During Operation?

Priming involves the crucial removal of air inside the pump. Unlike traditional pumps that require manual priming by filling them with fluid, a self-priming pump automates this process. The high-speed rotation of the impeller creates a vacuum, drawing liquid into the pump. A liquid ring forms, carrying the air-liquid mixture towards the discharge end. An air release valve expels the air, while the liquid, guided by gravity, repeats the cycle until all air is removed, allowing normal pumping to commence.

Common Issues Leading to Prime Loss

  1. Leakage on the Suction PipeA cracked suction pipe can lead to leakage, often challenging to detect if underground. Timely repairs are crucial to prevent prime loss.
  2. Faulty Check/Foot ValveA stuck foot valve hinders fluid flow, disrupting the priming process. Regular checks and necessary repairs are vital for proper functioning.
  3. Clogged Air Release Valve or PipelineUnfiltered fluids may contain solids causing blockages. Removing these obstructions ensures a smooth flow, preventing prime loss.

Potential Causes of Self-Priming Pump Failure to Prime

  1. Air Leakage Through the Suction PipeSuction line leaks hinder the creation of a sufficient vacuum for normal pumping, allowing air to continuously enter the pump.
  2. Debris in the ImpellerPresence of debris reduces the pump’s hydraulic capability, hindering the creation of a vacuum necessary for priming.
  3. Air-Bound PumpSeveral factors contribute to a pump becoming air-bound, including the lack of an air release pipe/valve, closed discharge and air release valves, and excessive impeller clearance due to wear or poor reassembly.
  4. Blocked Recirculation PortA plugged recirculation port prevents the impeller from creating the required vacuum during priming.
  5. Excessive Suction LiftIncorrect pump selection for the job may result in insufficient power to lift fluid from storage. Adjusting the pump position or increasing liquid levels in the storage tank can resolve this issue.

In Conclusion

Understanding the operational principles and potential challenges of self-priming pumps is essential for maintaining optimal performance. Regular inspections and timely repairs can prevent prime loss and ensure efficient fluid movement. For expert assistance or pump selection advice, contact us today.