Top 15 Pump Manufacturer in The World

The global pump manufacturing industry is a critical component of various sectors, including water management, oil and gas, chemical processing, and industrial applications.

This article aims to provide readers with a detailed understanding of the top pump manufacturers, highlighting their founding dates, locations, main products, and detailed company profiles. offering a comprehensive overview of the industry’s leading players.


  • Founded: 1945
  • Location: Bjerringbro, Denmark
  • Main Products: Circulating pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps
  • Profile: Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology. With a presence in over 56 countries, Grundfos produces over 16 million pump units annually. The company emphasizes sustainability, energy efficiency, and innovation, offering a range of products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, and wastewater treatment applications. Grundfos is committed to addressing global water challenges through technological advancements and environmentally responsible solutions.
  • Merits: High-quality, energy-efficient, innovative solutions, strong global presence.
  • Demerits: Higher price point compared to some competitors.

2. Xylem Inc.

  • Founded: 2011
  • Location: Rye Brook, New York, USA
  • Main Products: Water and wastewater pumps, treatment solutions
  • Profile: Xylem provides advanced water and wastewater solutions, leveraging digital transformation to address water challenges. With operations in over 150 countries, Xylem offers a broad portfolio of products for water transportation, treatment, and testing. The company is dedicated to sustainability and improving water management practices through innovative technology and services.
  • Merits: Innovative technology, strong emphasis on sustainability, extensive product range.
  • Demerits: Relatively young company, still expanding global reach.

3. Flowserve Corporation

  • Founded: 1997
  • Location: Irving, Texas, USA
  • Main Products: Centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, valves, seals
  • Profile: Flowserve is a leading provider of industrial flow management services, specializing in the manufacturing and servicing of pumps, valves, and seals used in various industries including oil and gas, chemical, and power generation. The company’s products are designed to manage fluid and gas flows efficiently and reliably, contributing to operational excellence and safety.
  • Merits: Comprehensive product range, strong industry presence, robust customer service.
  • Demerits: Complex product offerings can be overwhelming for new customers.

4. ITT Corporation

  • Founded: 1920
  • Location: White Plains, New York, USA
  • Main Products: Pumps, valves, end face mechanical seals
  • Profile: ITT is a diversified manufacturer serving critical industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and water treatment. The company is known for its high-efficiency, reliable, and durable pumps and fluid handling systems, and it emphasizes engineering excellence and innovation to meet the evolving needs of its customers.
  • Merits: Long history, diverse product range, strong reputation for reliability.
  • Demerits: High initial costs, extensive maintenance requirements.

5. Pentair Inc.

  • Founded: 1966
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Main Products: Water treatment systems, advanced flow technologies
  • Profile: Pentair focuses on providing innovative water solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and sustainability of water. The company serves residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets, offering products that address water filtration, treatment, and flow management needs. Pentair is committed to environmental stewardship and technological advancement.
  • Merits: Innovative and eco-friendly solutions, strong market presence.
  • Demerits: Product availability can vary by region.

6. Ebara Corporation

  • Founded: 1912
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Main Products: Centrifugal pumps, compressors, chillers
  • Profile: Ebara is a leading manufacturer of pumps and related equipment, known for their high efficiency, reliability, and durability in applications such as water supply, sewage treatment, and HVAC systems. The company operates globally, providing advanced technology and comprehensive solutions to meet diverse industry needs.
  • Merits: High efficiency, reliable products, extensive experience.
  • Demerits: Limited customization options, high shipping costs for international clients.

7. Wilo SE

  • Founded: 1872
  • Location: Dortmund, Germany
  • Main Products: High-efficiency pumps, pump systems
  • Profile: Wilo is a global leader in high-tech pumps and pump systems for building services, water management, and industrial applications. The company emphasizes innovation, energy efficiency, and user-friendly solutions. Wilo’s products are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and sustainability.
  • Merits: Energy-efficient solutions, strong focus on innovation.
  • Demerits: Higher cost structure, limited service network in some regions.

8. Baker Hughes (A GE Company)

  • Founded: 1987
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Main Products: Oilfield services, drilling products, turbomachinery
  • Profile: Baker Hughes provides comprehensive oilfield services and products, including advanced pumps used in drilling and production operations. The company is known for its technological expertise and commitment to innovation, offering solutions that enhance efficiency and performance in the oil and gas sector.
  • Merits: Strong technological expertise, comprehensive product range.
  • Demerits: Primarily focused on oil and gas industry, limited application in other sectors.

9. Circor International Inc.

  • Founded: 1999
  • Location: Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • Main Products: Centrifugal pumps, valves, engineered products
  • Profile: Circor specializes in fluid handling systems and valve technology for a wide range of industrial applications, including aerospace, defense, and energy. The company’s products are designed for high performance and reliability, meeting the demanding requirements of its customers.
  • Merits: High-performance products, strong engineering capabilities.
  • Demerits: Niche market focus, higher costs.

10. Weir Group

  • Founded: 1871
  • Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Main Products: Centrifugal pumps, valves, mining equipment
  • Profile: Weir is a global engineering company providing innovative pump solutions and services to the mining, oil and gas, and power industries. The company’s products are known for their durability, efficiency, and reliability, supporting critical industrial processes worldwide.
  • Merits: Strong presence in mining and industrial sectors, durable products.
  • Demerits: Limited product range for non-industrial applications.

11. Tsurumi Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  • Founded: 1924
  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • Main Products: Submersible pumps, sewage pumps, slurry pumps
  • Profile: Tsurumi specializes in manufacturing durable and efficient submersible pumps for various applications, including wastewater treatment, mining, and construction. The company emphasizes technological innovation and high-quality product performance.
  • Merits: Durable and efficient products, strong focus on submersible pump technology.
  • Demerits: Limited product diversification.

12. KSB Group

  • Founded: 1871
  • Location: Frankenthal, Germany
  • Main Products: Centrifugal pumps, valves, automation equipment
  • Profile: KSB is a leading supplier of pumps and valves, providing efficient and durable products for water treatment, energy, and industrial processes. The company focuses on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, serving a global market with a comprehensive range of solutions.
  • Merits: Extensive experience, diverse product range.
  • Demerits: Higher initial investment, complex product lines.

13. Sulzer Ltd.

  • Founded: 1834
  • Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Main Products: Pumps, compressors, mixers
  • Profile: Sulzer offers a wide range of pumping solutions for industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and water treatment. The company is committed to sustainability and technological advancement, providing products that enhance operational efficiency and environmental performance.
  • Merits: Strong focus on sustainability, innovative products.
  • Demerits: Higher costs, limited regional presence in some areas.

14. ETEC Company

  • Founded: Late 1980s
  • Location: South Korea
  • Main Products: High-volume pumps, custom-made pump packages
  • Profile: ETEC is known for its technological innovation in high-volume pump manufacturing. The company serves various market segments, including flood control and irrigation, providing durable and efficient solutions that meet specific customer needs.
  • Merits: Technological innovation, durable products.
  • Demerits: Niche market focus, less known globally.

15. NTGD Pump Co, Ltd.

  • Founded: 1991
  • Location: Wenzhou, China
  • Main Products: Water pumps, fire pumps, pump control equipment
  • Profile: NTGD is a comprehensive pump company focusing on technological innovation and customer value. The company provides high-quality pump products and solutions for water supply, fire protection, and industrial processes.
  • Merits: Strong focus on technology, extensive service network in China, their products are very cost-effective.
  • Demerits: Limited global presence, need improvement in marketing effort.

Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Pump Manufacturer

Selecting the right pump manufacturer is important for ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your application. Here are some mainl tips to consider when choosing pump manufacturer:

1. Evaluate the Manufacturer’s Reputation and Experience

  • Industry Reputation: Look for manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Check customer reviews, industry ratings, and feedback from other businesses in your area.
  • Experience: Choose manufacturers with experience in the pump industry. Companies with a long history are often more reliable and have a track record of successful products and innovations.

2. Assess Product Range and Specialization

  • Product Range: Ensure the manufacturer offers a wide range of pumps suitable for your specific application, whether it’s for water supply, wastewater treatment, industrial processes, or oil and gas.
  • Specialization: Some manufacturers specialize in particular types of pumps or industries. Select a manufacturer that specializes in the type of pump you need for the best expertise and support.

3. Quality and Innovation

  • Quality Standards: Check if the manufacturer certified by international quality standards such as ISO certifications. High-quality materials and manufacturing processes are important for the longevity and performance of the pumps.
  • Innovation: Look for manufacturers that invest in research and development. Innovative companies are more likely to provide advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly pump solutions.

4. Customer Service and Support

  • Technical Support: Ensure the manufacturer offers close technical support and after-sales service. This includes installation assistance, maintenance services, and easy access to spare parts.
  • Customer Service: Evaluate the customer service team. Good customer service can make cooperation more smoothly.

5. Cost and Value for Money

  • Initial Cost: Compare prices from different manufacturers to ensure you are getting a fair deal. However, don’t compromise on quality for a lower price.
  • Operational Costs: Consider the total cost of ownership, including energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and the expected lifespan of the pump. An initially expensive pump might be more economical in the long run if it has lower operational costs.

Final Words

By considering these factors, you can make the right decision when choosing a pump manufacturer, ensuring that you get a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your pumping needs.